Orangutans Blue Bumblebees and Rhinos

Jenna: We all know about blue whales, but what about blue bees? As unbelievable as this sounds, I was introduced to these oddly-colored insects in this article by Good News Network. According to the article, scientists knew the bee existed for years, but the insect remained unspotted for a long time. After being considered extinct, these bees made an exciting appearance to remind us that they are still out there. It’s hoped that studying these bees will fill in the gaps that scientists are uncertain of in the bee and insect world.

AJ: Let’s stick with talking about bees. Studies are showing that bumblebees bite holes into leaves to induce the flowering process of the plant. It seems bees do this when pollen becomes scarce. The bites will cause the plant to flower up to a month earlier than normal. Read more about it in Live Science

AJ: Bees are so talented! Last week we also explored some talented dogs having the possible ability to sniff out COVID-19, and, this week, I found another article to expand on dogs’ amazing skills. This piece by the Good News Network congratulated a few dogs on their conservation efforts. Working alongside human conservationists, these dogs have successfully saved 45 rhinos from poachers in South Africa. It’s so wonderful to read about animals sticking up for the survival of other animals. 

Jenna: Like rhino conservation headlines, animal rehabilitation success stories are always heartwarming, especially when animals are able to be released back to their natural, wild habitat. According to this article by World Animal News, a rehabilitated orangutan had a successful birth of a healthy baby in the wild after being rescued in 2011. The orangutan was released in 2016 after five years of rehabilitation. Check out the article to see the cutest pictures of the orangutan mamma and her baby.

AJ: As summer rolls in, Nada Farhoud from Mirror wants to remind everyone that selfies with captive animals at tourist attractions are a no-go. In her writing, she recounts a dreadful past experience taking pictures with captive dolphins and shares what she has learned about animal advocacy since the experience. In addition to reading Nada’s article, check out Fanimal’s dolphinarium infographic from the “Break the Chain” infographic series. See you next week! 

This week’s animal news: 

Promising News As Rescued & Rehabilitated Orangutan Saved From A Life In Chains Gives Birth To Her First Baby In The Wild from World Animal News

Are Dog Hiccups Normal? Find Out When You Should Worry. from the Dodo

Duck Rescued As A Baby Always Comes Back To The Man Who Saved His Life from the Dodo

Opinion | The Coronavirus and a World Without Meat from NY Times

Coronavirus Lets Salamanders Own the Road from NY Times

Endangered shorebirds unsustainably hunted during migrations, records show from The Guardian

A proposed mine in Alaska will endanger brown bears – and much more from The Guardian

These Specially-Trained Dogs Have Saved 45 Rhinos From Poachers in South Africa—And Counting from Good News Network

Conservationists Rejoicing Over Discovery of ‘Ultra-Rare’ Blue Bee Species Years After First Sighting from Good News Network

Costco Sells Huge 1-Pound Tubs Of Chocolate Dip That Are Totally Plant-Based from Delish

Pollen-starved bumblebees bite ‘half-moons’ into plants to make them bloom from Live Science 

Nada Farhoud: Trust your animal instincts and say no to sad selfies from Mirror 

Rehabilitated manatees returned to Florida Keys waters from Associated Press 

Eating Meat Is Pushing Narwhals Toward Extinction from LiveKindly 

New Vegan Wine Brand Launches With Eco-Friendly Packaging from VegNews 

New Study Finds Goats Respond to Human Cues the Same Way Dogs Do from VegNews

Thank you to John Delconte for sending in articles! 

Photo credit to Stuart Jansen from Unsplash

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