Special Edition: Black Lives Matter

AJ: The Fanimal family believes black lives matter. Animal activism is a cause that includes everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, and gender. That being said, we cannot find justice for all living things, including animals, when the black community does not have justice. In this article by PETA, we are introduced to some people of color who are activists and have made a huge impact on animal rights. A few that I would like to highlight are Dr. Kevin Jenkins, Dr. Linda Alvarez, Elizabeth Ross, and Cheryl Roberts. Dr. Kevin Jenkins was inspirational to me, as he uses his podcast to give activists a platform to share their stories and messages. His podcast, called The Cool With Kevin Jenkins, can be found here. Dr. Linda Alvarez, Elizabeth Ross, and Cheryl Roberts have worked together for the Vegan Advocacy Initiative. The organization has an annual conference called “People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy, and Food Justice.” 

Jenna: VegNews has also assembled a list to highlight 15 women of color using their social media platforms to spread the word on veganism. Included are Dr. Amie Breeze Harper and Brenda Sanders. Dr. Amie Breeze Harper has published  ‘Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society,’ speaks on racism, and helps organizations become inclusive. Brenda Sanders created the Afro-Vegan Society to bring veganism to black communities. Her other work includes founding other organizations to encourage healthy and vegan diets in areas of Baltimore. 

AJ: Encompass is another amazing resource to consider when learning about racial equity in the animal rights movement. This organization works to encourage diversity and inclusion, as well as equity, within animal advocacy to make the movement as powerful and effective as possible. On their website, Encompass has published the Racial DEI Resource for White Folks to introduce articles, videos, podcasts, movies, books, and reports to those wanting to learn about racism. 

Jenna: Nora Livingstone at Animal Experience International has also shared a list of Anti-Racist Resources to consider looking into. Please continue to listen, learn, and stick up for what’s right as you support the black community and demand racial equity. See you next week, Fanimals. 

Resources and readings to consider:

17 People of Color Who Are Changing Animals’ Lives | PETA from PETA

Why Vegans Should Support the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement | PETA from PETA

15 Vegan Women Activists of Color You Need to Know About from Vegnews

Vegan POC Activists You Should Follow on Social Media Right Now from Mercy For Animals 

Anti-Racist Resources from Animal Experience International 

Racial DEI Resource Guide for White Folks from Encompass

Eight Women of Colour Changing the World for Animals from Unbound Project 

The antiracist resources Fortune staffers are reading and sharing from Fortune

Photo credit to Clay Banks from Unsplash

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