#BlackBirdersWeek Whales Goats and Vegan Cheese 

Jenna: Hi there, animal fans. Today, I am writing to you from the rainy, dreary South Carolina coast. There is nothing more that I would like right now than a warm grilled cheese, my favorite rainy day meal. Luckily, LiveKindly has compiled a list of 81 vegan cheeses that I can find at Whole Foods. 

AJ: I hope you’re going to make me one too… More importantly, Maine’s endangered North Atlantic white whales are about to receive some much needed protection from environmental damages done by fishing businesses. According to this article from AP News, a model is being constructed to study lines used by the fishing industry and source conservation benefits. A total of $700,000 have been received from the species recovery grant program. It is hoped that this program will inspire others to take part in conservation efforts to reduce the amount of endangered marine species threatened by human activity. 

Jenna: Now on to another marine animal article. This video by The Dodo gives us a look into the life of sea turtle rehabilitation processes. Adorably named Munchkin, this turtle’s recovery story starts as she was found underweight with two injured flippers. Throughout her time with researchers, she slowly regained her proper coloring and grew to a healthy weight. Munchkin was fitted with a tracking device before being released, becoming the first ever adult loggerhead turtle tracked by researchers. You can track Munchkin using this site.

AJ: Here’s another hopeful story for you. Tourism in Thailand has been slowly damaging the wildlife population in its nature parks. According to The New York Times, wildlife, especially elephants, in the parks have been poached, hit by cars, captured, and trained to perform tricks. During the tourist season, elephants are seen at dangerous locations, playing with cars along the roads and soaking up the heat off the asphalt, which puts them at great risk. Terrible tragedies have taken place, as natural feeding routes are changed to accommodate tourism. As tourism has slowed down, the park noticed elephants retaking the park as their own, feeding in the places they wish and roaming without disturbance. After witnessing how much the elephant population has been positively impacted, park experts hope to establish annual periods of closure to tourists to promote natural wildlife restoration.

Jenna: Last week, AJ and I shared some anti-racism resources. As we all continue to seek out resource and learn about how to make meaningful change, we wanted to highlight Daniella Belleny and #BlackBirdersWeek. Danielle Belleny, a wildlife biologist, is a cofounder of Black Birders Week. As noted in Science News for Students, Black Birders Week occurred recently, May 31 through June 5, and aims to increase diversity and promote inclusion in outdoor activities and science fields. While we’re at it, here’s another amazing Black woman to celebrate. VegNews shared that Susanne Kirlew has a new vegan cooking show on Amazon Prime Video. Kirlew uses international inspiration to make delicious vegan dishes. Be sure to check it out! 

AJ: We also want to highlight Womxn Funders in Animal Rights as a great resource for inclusion and equity topics. Be sure to follow and like them on Facebook to stay up to date on important events they share, like the Vegan Women Summit hosted by three incredible Black women, Tabitha Brown, Haile Thomas, and Jasmine Leyva. As always, we’ll be back next week with more news. 

This week’s animal news:

#BlackBirdersWeek seeks to open the outdoors for everyone from Science News for Students 

Black Chef Hosts New Vegan Cooking Show on Amazon from VegNews

Historic Deal to Protect Millions of Monarch Butterfly Habitat Acres is Unprecedented from Good News Network

2 goats explore empty Maryland zoo Video from ABC News

These gorgeous, intricate sea creatures are actually giant blobs of snot from Live Science

Cambrian fossils show oldest example of parasites in action from Live Science

New at the Zoo: Lemur Leaf Frogs from National Zoo

Firefighters Free Fox Cub With Head Stuck In Wheel from BBC

Elephants, Long Endangered by Thai Crowds, Reclaim a National Park from The New York Times

Maine looking for new ways to save whales from fishing gear from AP News

3 mountain lion kittens born in Santa Monica Mountains from ABC 7

Rescued Giant Sea Turtle Is Thrilled To Swim Back To The Ocean from The Dodo

Trump Administration Undoes Rules That Restrict Bear Hunting in Alaska from The New York Times 

7 vegan documentaries everyone who eats food should watch from Well+Good 

Trump Illegally Eliminates Protections for First and Only Monument in the Atlantic Ocean from the National Resources Defense Council 

A rare look at fireflies that blink in unison, in a forest without tourists from National Geographic 

Great white shark diet surprises scientists: Understanding how sharks feed is vital for managing human interactions from ScienceDaily 

81 Types of Vegan Cheese Are Available at Whole Foods from LiveKindly

Thank you to DawnWatch for being an excellent source for animal news. Also, thank you to John Delconte for sending us articles. If you see an article you would like featured on Creature Feature News, please send it to hello@fanimal.co. 

Photo credit to Richard Sagredo from Unsplash

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