Uplifting News, Additional Sources, and a Sincere Thank You

Jenna: Hi all. We took some extra time and care writing this post to share some important news with you. As Fanimal’s longest running program, Creature Feature News has faithfully supplied readers with regular updates on worldwide animal news for the last three years. We have laughed, cried, hoped, and advocated for animal welfare together, and, now, it is time for Creature Feature News to come to a close. 

AJ: While we are saddened to share that this will be the last Creature Feature News post, we feel so proud of the work our writers have published the last three years. We could not have done it without you, our readers and the “Fanimal family” as we like to call it. Jenna and I would like to take time to reflect on a few particular editions of Creature Feature News that we published this year that we feel will serve as fantastic resources now and into the future. 

Jenna: First, in April, a livestream special edition CFN that highlighted ways we can all virtually spend time with some of our favorite animals. In June, the Black Lives Matter edition was posted and contained some resources and information about organizations that are doing incredibly important work to call for justice for the Black community. In July, we shared the Traveling After COVID-19 edition, in which we discussed how animals have benefited from our lack of travel given the pandemic. 

AJ: We hope Creature Feature News can continue to serve as a resource for those seeking an extensive collection of reliable, relevant animal news pertaining to the last three years. In true Fanimal fashion, we would like to conclude our time as writers for this program by sharing some uplifting stories that will hopefully leave our readers feeling positive about the future and their continued work for animal advocacy. First, the European bison numbers are rising due to conservation efforts to replenish the population. According to Good News Network, only a century ago, there were around 50 bison walking on Earth. Now the population is around 6,200 and rising. These massive animals were hunted to near extinction for their large amount of meat, fur, and horns. This victory is monumental; the European bison stands as living proof that with enough hard work and advocacy can even resurrect an entire population.

Jenna: These success stories, like the European bison, help inspire and spread the word of animal advocacy. An upcoming proposal inspired by the success of recent animal rights victories in the UK aims to target live animal transportation. Transporting livestock can be extremely uncomfortable, inhumane and in some cases deadly, according to Independent. In an attempt to maintain the title as the world leader in animal advocacy, the UK has proposed to improve (and in some cases ban) live animal transport. Testing has proven that current transportation conditions have led to animal distress and even death. This proposal is aimed specifically at time duration, space, temperature, and animal comfort. This will decrease anxiety levels on animals making the trip as stress-free as possible.

AJ: Lastly, Florida dog, Gunner, had an alligator encounter and walked away to tell the tale, thanks to his courageous and selfless dad. According to USA Today, Richard Wilbanks saved Gunner from the jaws of a 4 foot alligator that was lurking in the water nearby. Miraculously, Gunner only had a puncture wound and a small amount of water in the lungs, and Wilbanks walked away with a hand injury. Wilbanks, despite the alligator attack, says it’s important to coexist with the native wildlife in our area; we are in their space and they are in ours. Wilbanks and Gunner have made a full recovery and share their story with the hope to inform others to maintain distance and respect local wildlife. 

Jenna: What an admirable mindset about respecting local wildlife! Because we will no longer be continuously updating CFN, we would like to share some of our favorite animal news sources so you can keep up to date with animal stories, advocate victories, and news. Please refer to the list below. These are sources that we have found to be reputable and dependable. Additionally, if you have not already, please follow Fanimal on social media! We regularly share animal news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

AJ: We also encourage you to continue being an active member of the Fanimal family by  finding other wonderful Fanimal resources that align with your interests. We offer plenty of infographics, a children’s program, a young adult’s program, and virtual animal chats for you and your family. If you or your children are interested in animal-related careers, please check out our animal career coloring pages and environmental education video series. We have so many ways for you to stay involved at Fanimal

Jenna: And with that, we say a dear thank you to you – our reader – for supporting Creature Feature News. More importantly, thank you for sharing our mission for the continued improvement of animal lives through education and community. 

“Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.”

– Dr. Jane Goodall

Animal News:

Florida man who saved his puppy from alligator’s jaws shares update on dog’s recovery from USA Today 

Materials science – Better disposable coffee cups | Science & technology from The Economist

A grassroots push to save disappearing birds and bees forces change in Germany from National Geographic

Disney’s Bob Iger invests in animal-free dairy startup Perfect Day from Reuters

Government plans ban on controversial live animal exports from Independent

Tiny new species of sea blob hovers ‘like a hot air balloon’ over the seabed from Live Science

Cher turns attention to mall gorilla after freeing ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ from The Guardian

Conservation Success for European Bison is ‘Living Proof’ That Ambitious Biodiversity Targets Work from Good News Network

After Intense Flooding, Giraffes Are Being Brought To Safety in Custom Rafts Built By Community from Good News Network

News Sources: 

Center for Biological Diversity  




Good News Network 


National Geographic 

Thank you to John Delconte your ongoing support of Creature Feature News by regularly sending in articles!

Pictured: Jenna and AJ (your writers) 

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