Pigs Dachshunds Whales Birds and Plastic

Jenna: Welcome back, animal fans!  This week, we have some news regarding one of my own interests, reducing plastic waste.  In Europe, recycled plastic is now more expensive than new plastic. Of course, this is bad news, as there will no longer be a cost-saving incentive for manufacturers to use recycled plastics in production.   Hannah: […]

Fish Orangutans Whales Squirrels and Frogs

Jenna: Welcome, animal lovers, to this week’s edition of Creature Feature! Hannah: This week, we have some amazing companies making huge strides towards supporting animal welfare.  First, TripAdvisor is no longer allowing ticket sales to establishments with whales and dolphins in captivity on their site.   Jenna: TripAdvisor is not the only travel platform that is […]

Hippos Sharks Chicks Dogs and Polar Bears

Jenna: Hello, animal lovers. We’re glad you’ve come back for this week’s animal news. Hannah: I am happy to report that the cuteness will continue. Last week we discussed a polka dotted zebra, and this week we have young hippo touching noses with a hyena. Jenna: This amazing interaction is said to have possibly involved […]