Dogs Llamas Pelicans Octopuses Seals and Reindeer

Hurst: Hello there Carol, I hope you are ready to talk about some animal news today! Carol: Yes, let’s go ahead and get into it! I have a glass of champagne in my future. Hurst: I just finished an NPR article about stray dogs in the United States, and it left me with some difficult […]

Tigers Minks Moths Chickens And Golden Retrievers

Hurst: Hey Carol!  How are you liking these colder days we’ve had recently? Carol: Aw, that’s mean.  You know I’m a wimp about cold weather.  In fact, this next story really put a chill in my heart thinking about people who might leave their pets out in the cold.  But under a new law in […]

Vaquitas Bats Peccaries Sharks and Horses

Carol: Hey Hurst!  Did you celebrate Martin de Porres’s Birthday yesterday on December 9? Hurst: You know I did! I love a good party, especially one celebrating Saint Martin de Porres. He’s worthy of celebrating because of all the good work he did not only for impoverished and sick people, but because he treated non-human […]

Lemurs Parrots Elephants Chimps and Manatees

Hurst: Hello Carol, how are you? Carol: I’m doing quite well! I’m highly caffeinated and ready to talk about some animal news! Hurst: Well enough monkey business, time to get down to business…about monkeys. A recent report has stated that endangered lemurs are being served in restaurants in Madagascar. This is especially disappointing since 90% […]