Iguanas Tigers Deer and Emotional Support Animals

Hannah: Hello, animal lovers!  We are happy you have returned for another weekly dose of animals in the news. In response to low temperatures, South Florida sent out a warning to alert residents about iguanas falling from the trees.  If the weather drops to 40F (4.5C) or below, iguanas are face the possibility of freezing. […]

Tortoises Wildfires Cows Wolves and Orangutans

Jenna: Another week, another supply of animal stories! Hannah: Before we head into our animal stories, I would like to encourage our readers to check out our partner Piedmont Farm Refuge and their current fundraising efforts to build a home for rescued cows. With a heavy focus on animal-centered designs, a lot of work and […]

Sharks Wildflowers Birds Cats and Koalas

Jenna: Greetings, Fanimals! Hannah and I are back with more animal news to report. Hannah: That’s right, Jenna. This week I present to you Flerken, a savannah cat seized when illegally imported into the UK. Flerken is a cross breed between an African serval cat and domesticated species, making him too dangerous to be a […]

Pigs Seals Puffins Koalas Kangaroos and Ants

Jenna: Welcome back, Fanimals!  Hannah, are you excited to dive into the first Creature Feature News edition of the decade?  Hannah: I sure am.  Sunday, January 5, was also National Bird Day, so it only feels right to start off with a bird story. This week, I loved learning that puffins use tools. In particular, […]

Mice Octopuses Eagles Dogs Crows and Veganism

Hannah:  Hello, all!  We hope your week is off to a great start. This week we are giving you a double feature, meaning double the news.  Jenna, have any news to start us off? Jenna:  Of course.  World Animal News published an article promoting an amazing program that will donate $1 to the SiSu Animal […]