Condors Badgers Sloths Spaniels Peacocks Squid and Millennials

Carol: Happy Hairball Awareness Day, Hurst! Hurst: Wait, you are joking, right? Carol: Nope! April 25 is National Hairball Awareness Day. There is even a hashtag for it. Hurst: Well, that’s just purr-fect. But we also just had Earth day; you know that right? Carol: That too!  But back to cats. Little kittens are licked […]

Cats Coral Whales Bunnies Bees and Mountain Lions

John: Hi, Hurst. Hurst: Wait, what happened to Carol? John: I am standing in for her this week. She is inspecting a shipment of Peeps. As the founder of Fanimal, she was considered qualified. Hurst: Well, hey, nice to have you on board. Happy Easter to you! John: Same to you, Hurst! Hey, now speaking […]

Monkeys Giraffes Elephants Whales Tortoises Barnacles and Cockroaches

Carol: You know Hurst, I’ve always thought you could pull off a handlebar mustache.   Hurst:  I have no idea where this is going but I’m sure it is going to be interesting. Carol: Well, this week I read an article about a type of monkey that lives in Ethiopia and Sudan called the Blue […]

Monarchs Platypuses Pythons Turtles Chickens Kangaroos Lions and Iguanas

Carol: Hello there Hurst, I hope you are fully recovered from Saint Patrick’s day and ready for this week’s edition of Creature Feature. Hurst: I certainly am, and to start off I have a unique story about platypus milk and it’s potential medicinal properties. Although these properties don’t include curing a Saint Patrick’s hangover, in […]

Flamingos Vaquitas Reindeer Cows Elephants Nematodes Penguins Frogs and Urban Leopards

Carol:  Hi Hurst!  How has your week been? Hurst: Well, it was spring break at my university so naturally I have been catching up on sleep instead of school work. Carol: Naturally. Well, homework is taxing and all but I’d venture that herding reindeer during short days in the Arctic might be slightly harder. This […]