Dogs Koalas Pigs and Parrots

John: Hi Hurst! It’s John. I’m playing Carol again for this installment of Creature Feature news. Hurst: Hello, John! It is nice to have you substituting. John: Yes, I am like the substitute teacher. We should just play a video for this week…On second thought, I have some important news tidbits I’d like to talk […]

Hippos Cats Antelope Insects and Snakes

Hurst: Carol I think it’s time to revisit a subject we haven’t talked about in a while. Carol: Pangolins? I hope its pangolins. Hurst: Even better, poop. Carol: Oh perfect. Hurst: One of my favorite articles from this week was about the vital role hippo poop plays in many aquatic ecosystems in Africa. Just by […]

Sloths Turtles Dogs Bugs Pet Allergies and Plastic Soup

Hurst: Hi Carol, are you afraid of heights? Clowns?  Public speaking? Giant bugs that can eat a turtle? Carol: Definitely clowns.  But you’re being weirder than usual, Hurst.  What’s going on? Hurst: It’s just this article that I can’t get out of my mind.  It’s about these giant water bugs who lie in wait for […]