Iguanas Tigers Deer and Emotional Support Animals

Hannah: Hello, animal lovers!  We are happy you have returned for another weekly dose of animals in the news. In response to low temperatures, South Florida sent out a warning to alert residents about iguanas falling from the trees.  If the weather drops to 40F (4.5C) or below, iguanas are face the possibility of freezing. […]

Tortoises Wildfires Cows Wolves and Orangutans

Jenna: Another week, another supply of animal stories! Hannah: Before we head into our animal stories, I would like to encourage our readers to check out our partner Piedmont Farm Refuge and their current fundraising efforts to build a home for rescued cows. With a heavy focus on animal-centered designs, a lot of work and […]

Sharks Wildflowers Birds Cats and Koalas

Jenna: Greetings, Fanimals! Hannah and I are back with more animal news to report. Hannah: That’s right, Jenna. This week I present to you Flerken, a savannah cat seized when illegally imported into the UK. Flerken is a cross breed between an African serval cat and domesticated species, making him too dangerous to be a […]

Pigs Seals Puffins Koalas Kangaroos and Ants

Jenna: Welcome back, Fanimals!  Hannah, are you excited to dive into the first Creature Feature News edition of the decade?  Hannah: I sure am.  Sunday, January 5, was also National Bird Day, so it only feels right to start off with a bird story. This week, I loved learning that puffins use tools. In particular, […]

Mice Octopuses Eagles Dogs Crows and Veganism

Hannah:  Hello, all!  We hope your week is off to a great start. This week we are giving you a double feature, meaning double the news.  Jenna, have any news to start us off? Jenna:  Of course.  World Animal News published an article promoting an amazing program that will donate $1 to the SiSu Animal […]

Sea Turtles Gibbons Sheep Frogs and Coral

Hannah: Hello and welcome back, animal fans!  Jenna, I know you adore sea turtles…. Have you heard about the giant group of olive ridley turtles on the Costa Rican coast?  Thousands of turtles were captured on video.  They were on their way to nest all together.  Jenna: I did see that!  It was an amazing […]