Salamanders Otters Mice and Tigers

Jenna: Why did the salamander cross the road? To get to the pond to breed, of course. The Department of Fish and Wildlife in Vermont has encouraged drivers to be extra careful when driving near a wetland area, as salamanders and frogs are literally crossing the roads to get to breeding habitats. If you are […]

Bears Pelicans Puppies and Seals

Jenna: Hiya, Fanimals! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy these days. While we are all staying home, some cute puppies are taking advantage of an empty aquarium.  AJ: Watch these curious animals wander around an aquarium with this video by FOX News. It is so heartwarming to see each puppy’s excitement as […]

Wolves Orangutans Seals and Hand-washing

Jenna: Hello, all! We hope this week’s Creature Feature News finds you healthy and safe. AJ, why don’t we start with some good news today?  AJ: Sure thing. Following up on wolf population restoration and conservation efforts, the wild Mexican gray wolf’s population has increased by 24%. Included in that percentage are 12 captive born […]

Wolves Bears Ants and Horses

AJ: Hi there, Fanimals! We’re happy to be back with another dose of weekly animal news. This week, many of our news articles are centered around the idea of coexisting with wild animals around us.  Jenna: This idea is very important during this time when civilization and urban environments seem to be infinitely expanding and […]

Butterflies Rats Shrimp and Warblers

Jenna: Welcome back, animal fans. I am happy to introduce a new Creature Feature writer this week, my very own brother! AJ, take it away. AJ: Hello all! I’m excited to be a part of the Fanimal family and to share my animal advocacy passion. Being fascinated with sea life, naturally, I chose an article […]

Donkeys Leopards Cheetahs and Hermit Crabs

Hannah: We’re jumping into March with another round of animal news.  Jenna: An entrepreneurial duo from Mexico, named Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, have created a vegan leather from cactus for their company, Desserto. The creators have been nominated for the German Green Product Award 2020. Velarde and Cázarez have created an amazing, more […]

Bears Beavers Farm Animals and Robot Snakes

Hannah: Welcome back, Fanimals!  Jenna: This week’s prevailing theme surely seems to be unlikely friendships. For starters, a pigeon and Chihuahua have become best buds after both being rescued by The Mia Foundation, which rescues disabled animals. The pigeon, Herman, has a permanent condition leaving him unable to fly, and the Chihuahua, Lundy, cannot use […]

Badgers Fireflies Pelicans and Mantas

Hannah: Hello, Jenna and Fanimal friends! This week, we have a double-feature for you. I have got to know; have you seen the video of the coyote and badger duo that has gone viral? This short clip captures a coyote and badger traveling together through a tunnel underneath a road. Jenna: Hannah, you do realize […]

Pandas Koalas Owls and Dogs

Jenna: Welcome back, animal lovers. In last week’s edition of Creature Feature, we shared an article about a brewery in Florida, called Motorworks Brewing, printing pictures of adoptable shelter dogs on their beer can labels. Well, if this story wasn’t fantastic enough already, a woman from Minnesota recognized her lost dog of three years on […]