Sea Turtles Gibbons Sheep Frogs and Coral

Hannah: Hello and welcome back, animal fans!  Jenna, I know you adore sea turtles…. Have you heard about the giant group of olive ridley turtles on the Costa Rican coast?  Thousands of turtles were captured on video.  They were on their way to nest all together.  Jenna: I did see that!  It was an amazing […]

Pigs Dachshunds Whales Birds and Plastic

Jenna: Welcome back, animal fans!  This week, we have some news regarding one of my own interests, reducing plastic waste.  In Europe, recycled plastic is now more expensive than new plastic. Of course, this is bad news, as there will no longer be a cost-saving incentive for manufacturers to use recycled plastics in production.   Hannah: […]