Hippos Sharks Chicks Dogs and Polar Bears

Jenna: Hello, animal lovers. We’re glad you’ve come back for this week’s animal news. Hannah: I am happy to report that the cuteness will continue. Last week we discussed a polka dotted zebra, and this week we have young hippo touching noses with a hyena. Jenna: This amazing interaction is said to have possibly involved […]

Rhinos Rabbits Porcupines Eels and Rats

Hannah: Let’s jump right in because we have some pretty incredible news this week, Jenna!  Jenna: Let me hear it! Hannah: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to end testing on animals, such as mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and dogs, to name a few.  The agency is investing in and developing non-animal technological […]

Squirrels Tigers Owls Horses and Wildlife Day

Jenna: Welcome back, all!  This past week, on September 4th, we celebrated National Wildlife Day! Hannah: It’s one of my favorite holidays, I must say!  I just discovered that this special day was established following the death of wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin.  This wildlife icon, inspired and educated viewers across the world. It is vital […]

Pigs Pups Snakes Bees and Bears

Hannah: Hello, animal lovers!  Welcome back! Alright, Jenna, start us off with some bear-able news. Jenna: Funny you should mention bears – I have just the article for that.  Near Lake Tahoe, deputies responded to a call about a bear cub that was trapped in a dumpster and wailing for help.  When they arrived, the […]