Salamanders Dogs Aquatic Animals and First Birthdays

Hurst: Happy birthday, Carol! Carol: I’m afraid you’re a bit late on that one. But I appreciate the sentiment..and I would appreciate a belated cake even more. Hurst: That’s not what I meant. Creature Feature has been spreading fascinating animal news to the public for one year! Carol: And what a year it has been. […]

Otters Honeybees Coyotes Hogs Brumbies Skinks and Floating Cats

Carol: Hi Hurst! I don’t know if you are a cat person or a boat person, but if you are, have I got a career opportunity for you! Hurst: Isn’t the question typically cat or dog person? Either way, I’m intrigued. Carol: Well, you should probably learn Dutch before you apply, but there is a […]