Camels Tilapia Handfish Bats Rhino Rabbits Dogs and Macaques

Carol:  Hi Hurst! I wanted to start off this week asking you if you think camels are attractive? Hurst: That’s such a strange question, I’m not sure how to respond. Carol:  Well, I read this week about a camel beauty contest that is held in Saudi Arabia each year during the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival. […]

Vaquitas Bats Peccaries Sharks and Horses

Carol: Hey Hurst!  Did you celebrate Martin de Porres’s Birthday yesterday on December 9? Hurst: You know I did! I love a good party, especially one celebrating Saint Martin de Porres. He’s worthy of celebrating because of all the good work he did not only for impoverished and sick people, but because he treated non-human […]