Monkeys Giraffes Elephants Whales Tortoises Barnacles and Cockroaches

Carol: You know Hurst, I’ve always thought you could pull off a handlebar mustache.   Hurst:  I have no idea where this is going but I’m sure it is going to be interesting. Carol: Well, this week I read an article about a type of monkey that lives in Ethiopia and Sudan called the Blue […]

Lemurs Parrots Elephants Chimps and Manatees

Hurst: Hello Carol, how are you? Carol: I’m doing quite well! I’m highly caffeinated and ready to talk about some animal news! Hurst: Well enough monkey business, time to get down to business…about monkeys. A recent report has stated that endangered lemurs are being served in restaurants in Madagascar. This is especially disappointing since 90% […]