Dogs Spiders Gorillas Chameleons Marsupials Slugs and Snowshoe Hares

Carol: Hi Hurst! Hurst: What’s up, Carol! Carol: You now how I always am looking for great animal-related resources to share with animal lovers, right? Hurst: Isn’t that pretty much why you started Fanimal and Creature Feature? Carol: Exactly! Some resources are going to be more serious, some are just for fun, and this next […]

Crayfish Spiders Bees Grouse and Ungulates

Hurst: Hi there Carol, I hope you’re as ready to discuss some animal news as I am! I have an interesting first topic, mutant crayfish taking over Europe! Carol: Hurst, I thought we had a talk about this. We can’t talk about fake news, no matter how cool it sounds. Hurst: Believe it or not, […]