Martens Spiders Wasps Flamingos Joeys and Peter Singer’s Birthday

Carol: Hi Hurst! Let’s talk about some animal news. Hurst: Funny you would say hi, because our first story is just that. Marijuana farms in California are bringing in plenty of jobs and revenue to local economies but to the detriment of an adorable weasel called the Humboldt marten. It is estimated that 95% of […]

Tigers Minks Moths Chickens And Golden Retrievers

Hurst: Hey Carol!  How are you liking these colder days we’ve had recently? Carol: Aw, that’s mean.  You know I’m a wimp about cold weather.  In fact, this next story really put a chill in my heart thinking about people who might leave their pets out in the cold.  But under a new law in […]