Flamingos Vaquitas Reindeer Cows Elephants Nematodes Penguins Frogs and Urban Leopards

Carol:  Hi Hurst!  How has your week been? Hurst: Well, it was spring break at my university so naturally I have been catching up on sleep instead of school work. Carol: Naturally. Well, homework is taxing and all but I’d venture that herding reindeer during short days in the Arctic might be slightly harder. This […]

Vaquitas Bats Peccaries Sharks and Horses

Carol: Hey Hurst!  Did you celebrate Martin de Porres’s Birthday yesterday on December 9? Hurst: You know I did! I love a good party, especially one celebrating Saint Martin de Porres. He’s worthy of celebrating because of all the good work he did not only for impoverished and sick people, but because he treated non-human […]