Mantis Shrimp Sunfish Honey Bees and Events

AJ: Sometimes living in the wild is a tough life, especially when you are bullied out of your home by a bigger animal. According to Live Science, mantis shrimp are notorious for taking over other animals’ living spaces. If a mantis shrimp finds a perfect hole or nook that is already occupied, it will fight […]

Tasmanian Devils, Reefs, and Sparrows

AJ: Welcome back, Fanimals! We hope you’re ready to jump right in. Tasmanian devils are well-known from their rowdy and wild cartoon depiction, but these animals are really cute marsupials native to Australia. According to ABC News, they are being reintroduced to the wild mainland. With people bringing foxes and other invasive species to their […]

Woodpeckers Moths Pink Dolphins and Burmese Roofed Turtles

AJ: Nature works in many strange and unexpected ways. For example, the wildfires of Oregan and California would help the repopulation of endangered woodpeckers. According to the Good News Network, the black-backed woodpeckers have been thriving off of the black fire beetle, which prefers charred trees to lay their eggs. The authors noted that the […]

Angelfish Shrews Squirrels and Vegan Ice Cream

Jenna: Welcome back Creature Feature friends. We hope you are enjoying your week. If you are craving a little more creativity, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a huge shoutout to John Delconte for sending in this piece from CNN Travel about a home-made squirrel bar to provide neighborhood squirrels with nuts. I know what craft […]

Special Edition: Traveling After COVID-19

Jenna: Welcome back to Creature Feature News, folks! AJ and I took some extra time to research and discuss a relevant and important topic for this new edition. As COVID-19 swept through the entire world, tourism, much like almost every other industry, can to a halt. Now, after months of social distancing and isolating in […]