Orangutans Blue Bumblebees and Rhinos

Jenna: We all know about blue whales, but what about blue bees? As unbelievable as this sounds, I was introduced to these oddly-colored insects in this article by Good News Network. According to the article, scientists knew the bee existed for years, but the insect remained unspotted for a long time. After being considered extinct, […]

Hens Storks Tapirs and Whales

Jenna: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Well, it’s kind-of both. It’s 1,000 hens flying in planes to a sanctuary in California from a farm in Iowa. Alternative Press reported on the efforts of the California sanctuary, called Animal Place, to save these hens from a closing farm. The hens will become adoptable after their […]

Flamingos Hummingbirds Pollinators Koalas and Birdwatching

Jenna: Another week has flown by, and that means more animal news for you! LiveKindly recently shared that pollinators and trees in Curridabat, Costa Rica, have been given citizenship by the mayor. The citizenship will hopefully encourage the long-term protection of these important ecosystem counterparts.  AJ: Further on tree-related stories, have you ever heard of […]

Whales Bonobos Eels and Coral Reefs

Jenna: Whale, whale, whale. We sure are happy to be back with more animal news.  AJ: Way to start us off on-topic. Whales are one of my favorite kinds of sea animals, so I was glad to see some positive news surrounding humpback whales. In many ways, the recent reduced traffic on the ocean has […]

Leatherback Turtles Eagles Crocodiles and Storks

Jenna: This week, I have become a huge fan of an impressive rhino-protecting bird. This article from Good News Network has taught me about the amazing relationship between red-billed oxpeckers and rhinos.  Even the oxpeckers’ name in Swahili is impressive –  it means “rhino’s guard.” A researcher, Roan Plotz, found that oxpeckers used a hissing […]

Dolphins Mountain Lions Llamas and Moon Bears 

AJ: Sassy dolphins, shy dolphins, courageous dolphins… all dolphins have vast personality differences just like humans. According to this article by Nature World News dolphins are a lot more tapped into their emotions than some of us. One cool thing I learned is they also give each other names; how intelligent! On the topic of […]

Salamanders Otters Mice and Tigers

Jenna: Why did the salamander cross the road? To get to the pond to breed, of course. The Department of Fish and Wildlife in Vermont has encouraged drivers to be extra careful when driving near a wetland area, as salamanders and frogs are literally crossing the roads to get to breeding habitats. If you are […]