Salamanders Dogs Aquatic Animals and First Birthdays

Hurst: Happy birthday, Carol! Carol: I’m afraid you’re a bit late on that one. But I appreciate the sentiment..and I would appreciate a belated cake even more. Hurst: That’s not what I meant. Creature Feature has been spreading fascinating animal news to the public for one year! Carol: And what a year it has been. […]

Cows Dogs Dolphins Crows Crocodiles and Burros

Carol: Happy Halloween, Hurst Hurst: Happy Halloween!  I was wondering, where do you come down on dressing up pets for Halloween? Carol: Well, it’s a mixture of being impressed by the more creative costumes and feeling pity for the pets.  Maybe there are pets out there that like the attention? Hurst: Of course, what dog […]

Rhinos Lemurs Cows Fish Lions and Disney Service Dogs

Carol: Hi Hurst!  I missed doing Creature Feature last week!  I feel so…uninformed. Hurst: Me too. But I’m glad we took time to celebrate International Raccoon Appreciation Day and World Vegetarian Day (October 1), World Farm Animal Day (October 2), and the kick off to Bat Appreciation Month! Carol: Yeah, and don’t forget about National […]