Dogs Spiders Gorillas Chameleons Marsupials Slugs and Snowshoe Hares

Carol: Hi Hurst! Hurst: What’s up, Carol! Carol: You now how I always am looking for great animal-related resources to share with animal lovers, right? Hurst: Isn’t that pretty much why you started Fanimal and Creature Feature? Carol: Exactly! Some resources are going to be more serious, some are just for fun, and this next […]

Bison Hummingbirds Horses Bees Wolves and Kangaroo Rats

Hurst: Carol, do you know what this week is? Carol: Hmmm…I know World Tuna Day is coming up, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you have in mind… Hurst: It’s our half-year anniversary!  This is week 26 of Creature Feature News!   Carol: Wow, I’m typically not very good at long relationships. Hurst: Me […]

Condors Badgers Sloths Spaniels Peacocks Squid and Millennials

Carol: Happy Hairball Awareness Day, Hurst! Hurst: Wait, you are joking, right? Carol: Nope! April 25 is National Hairball Awareness Day. There is even a hashtag for it. Hurst: Well, that’s just purr-fect. But we also just had Earth day; you know that right? Carol: That too!  But back to cats. Little kittens are licked […]

Cats Coral Whales Bunnies Bees and Mountain Lions

John: Hi, Hurst. Hurst: Wait, what happened to Carol? John: I am standing in for her this week. She is inspecting a shipment of Peeps. As the founder of Fanimal, she was considered qualified. Hurst: Well, hey, nice to have you on board. Happy Easter to you! John: Same to you, Hurst! Hey, now speaking […]