Martens Spiders Wasps Flamingos Joeys and Peter Singer’s Birthday

Carol: Hi Hurst! Let’s talk about some animal news. Hurst: Funny you would say hi, because our first story is just that. Marijuana farms in California are bringing in plenty of jobs and revenue to local economies but to the detriment of an adorable weasel called the Humboldt marten. It is estimated that 95% of […]

Pit Bulls Manta Rays Forest Hogs Crows Bears Koko and Eel Meat Contraband

Hurst:  Hi Carol!  I’m going to dive right in. Unless you’ve been away from all types of media, I’m sure you heard about Koko. Carol: I sure did.  It’s probably the story of the week.   Hurst: Right.  Sweet Koko was a western lowland gorilla who helped us learn so much about her species!  I […]

Otters Honeybees Coyotes Hogs Brumbies Skinks and Floating Cats

Carol: Hi Hurst! I don’t know if you are a cat person or a boat person, but if you are, have I got a career opportunity for you! Hurst: Isn’t the question typically cat or dog person? Either way, I’m intrigued. Carol: Well, you should probably learn Dutch before you apply, but there is a […]

Corgis Puffins Hogs Wrens Giraffes Flatworms Bison Polar Bears and Sea Otters

Carol: Hi Hurst!  Do you have Royal Wedding Fever? Hurst: I do! But maybe not how you would think. I don’t really get the appeal of the actual Royal Wedding, but I am all about the royal corgi wedding! Carol: The what? Hurst: It’s exactly what it sounds like. As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle […]